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The future of DOOH was born in China and is now ready for the world. The largest network of interactive screens in China is about to be switched on. Do you want your business to make it in the second biggest ad spend market in the world?

Know the value you're getting, proof of media play, real-time audience numbers, engagement and interaction metrics.
For screen owners, drive your network with unlimited flexibility surrounding pricing, operational parameters with reports to make your business run smoother.
Save time, money and headaches with single point management of any size network of smart screens that self-monitor, diagnose and remotely maintain themselves.
Be part of a massive collaborative network that is used by the largest advertisers in the world, feeding high quality, high value campaigns to your screens.

Ads that truely engage

Tekimon® screens make audiences want to engage with brands through advanced audience targeting technologies, smart device integration, QR codes and NFC — all made possible by IMON’s nationwide Wi-Fi network.

Big Data collecting and processing

Target audience data collected from each Tekimon® smart screen flows into TargetEngage® enabling a detailed analysis to be reviewed allowing adjustment for further enhanced effectiveness.
Content customised to audiences in real-time with all data 100% tagged and analysed. Integrate with O2O features and reach audiences whilst compliant with international data privacy policies including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Tekimon® screens and content gives your audience a fun way to browse products that interest them and explore content they will want to share. Tekimon’s smart ads know when an individual audience member is interested, sending them the right promotion at the right time, guiding them to intuitively take your intended action. Give your audience personalised promotions like coupons, content, product information and competitions. With one quick scan or tap, audience members can make a purchase or download product information and compelling content they can save for later, giving campaigns another offline dimension.

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