Ads that
talk back.

The future of media
has landed in China

Tekimon® screens make advertising fun and interactive through Audience Targeting Technology, Smart Device Integration, and QR codes and NFC—all backed up by free WiFi across IMON’s massive national network.

Big Data colleting and processing

The data collected from targeted audiences in front of each Tekimon® smart screen, with all associated first and second hand data, is 100% analyzed and can be used to maximize your pre-defined targeted goals through real-time reporting and service refinement. 

  • 100% tagged and analyzed
  • Build a profile against each individual
  • Excellent O2O mapping of targeted audiences
  • Integrate with a loyalty or VIP membership program
  • Compliant with global data privacy policies 

Smart Device Interaction

Ads that know when you’re interested can give you a discount coupon and direct you to the closest store. You can interact with screens to browse, navigate, explore content and share with your friends  - all while having fun.

  • > Fun and active
  • > Competitions
  • > e-Coupons
  • > Games
  • > Social sharing

The largest network of interactive screens in China is about to be switched on - will you be part of it?

QR codes and NFC

Encrypted codes and tags that give you instant access to things like coupons, competitions, product information and websites. With one quick scan or tap you can make a purchase or enter your details. Quick Response and Near Field Communication are the future in interactive media.

  • > Smart Ads links
  • > Open access
  • > Website linking
  • > After hours purchasing

Free WiFi

Imagine instant internet access from anywhere — at a bus stop, on the train or in your favourite store. The free WiFi network allows Tekimon® screens to show the ads you’re interested in, instantly, with real-time interaction. You’ll be logged on automatically nationwide, so with IMON you’ll be online all the time.

  • > Learning consumers’ likes and dislikes 
  • > Web banner injecting and linking
  • > Audience connecting and profiling
  • > Consumers’ O2O experience tracking