The outdoor media platform with a China-sized brain. Imagine your content reaching who you want, when you want and having real-time access to their response with actionable campaign reporting. Welcome to TargetEngage™

Customise your network and campaign operation to align with your business objectives, allowing flexible reporting, assets management and campaign deployment.
Have full control of campaigns, screens and media all in real time utilising the automised assistance of TargetEngage™.
Every aspect of the TargetEngage™ platform runs autominously via embedded machine learning to drive effectiveness and efficiencies that allow for effortless, smarter operations.
Whenever the Tekimon® screen interacts with a consumer, TargetEngage™ will automatically choose the most suitable content for that particular consumer based on their profile.


TargetEngage™ is a high IQ media platform that curates content, monitors audience activity and reports actionable campaign data like never before.

Campaign management on your terms

Now you can control every strategic and financial aspect of your campaign along with controlling individual or clustered Tekimon® screens through a single easy-to-use interface, designed to empower decision makers working across the media, marketing and ad tech industries to gain intimate knowledge of your own advertising needs and those of your clients.

Tailored for you

The TargetEngage™ interface is totally customisable to suit your business, offering programmatic deployment of your DOOH campaigns, allowing you to monitor online and offline assets and providing flexible user roles that mirror your company structure.

Active Premium Programmatic Platform

This smart platform systematically places media onto Tekimon Screens auto-selected according to your specified campaign indicators and desired outcome. Matching qualified audience metrics report the campaign’s performance in audience engagement instantly allowing you to refine your campaign targets. This ensures that your business will engage consumers at the most optimal time and place with relevant and personalised messaging and compelling content.

Campaign reporting

Stop wasting time! Start receiving actual, actionable reporting! IMON sets a new global standard in campaign reporting for DOOH. Imagine getting real-time reports on any aspect of a campaign, including precise audience information, their engagement, their O2O experience, even their emotional response; all demonstrating corresponding actions to be carried out! All reports are convertible into multiple file formats according to your business’ needs.

User privacy

At IMON, the data privacy of your users is important to us. We are committed to ensuring that an individual’s privacy is respected and maintained at all times. IMON has always endeavoured to anticipate and respect the national and international legal requirements in the fields of video surveillance and personal data protection including most recently the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).