Super Smart Software.

The outdoor media platform with a brain the size of China.

TargetEngage™ is a high IQ media platform that targets content, monitors audience and reports campaign data like never before.

Active Premium Programmatic

TargetEngage™ is what IMON call an ‘Active Premium Programmatic’ platform, where the system facilitates the placement of media into locations auto-selected to match your exact campaign outcome via metadata embedded into each ad serving; matching qualified audience metrics in real-time and begins reporting on the target audience’s engagement instantly. Sophisticated filters refine your campaign targets across multiple; city, location and audience type, qualifications; ensuring that advertisers can engage consumers at the most appropriate times and locations with rich, relevant contextual messaging and persuasive content.

End user logging

At IMON privacy is important to us. We are committed to ensuring that an individual’s privacy is respected and maintained at all times. IMON has always endeavored to anticipate and respect the national and international legal requirements in the fields of video surveillance and personal data protection.

Imagine your content reaching who you like, when you like - and having real-time access to their response and detailed campaign reporting for your clients.

Live content triggering

Whenever the Tekimon® network recognises a consumer by selected demographic, gender or age  (Emotion to be added soon), TargetEngage™ will automatically choose the most suitable content from the stored media for that particular audience, serve it and then measure the interest by dwell time, number of glances and duration of each glance. 

Campaign reporting

No more guesswork – it’s time for real reporting! IMON sets a new standard in campaign reporting for digital outdoor. Imagine getting various real-time reports on any aspect of a campaign, including precise audience information, their engagement, their O2O experience even their emotional response. All the reports directly convert into multiple file formats, serving you in the most sophisticated way. 

Now imagine controlling every strategic and financial aspect of your campaign through a customised web interface. Welcome to IMON.

Remote access and campaign management

Imagine controlling individual screens through an easy-to-use web interface, designed to empower media buyers and other users to apply intimate knowledge of their own and their clients’ advertising needs.

Remotely manage every element of your campaign, including location, audience, peak/off peak spread, run period, budget monitoring and account and payment management for every campaign.

The TargetEngage™  interface is customisable through logos and design schemes, offers dynamically assigned user roles, and allows real-time monitoring of audience interaction, media play content, and screen health.