IMON is open for business.

Buy into the future of DOOH Advertising. Today. Own a piece of China’s most dynamic advertising infrastructure before we take it global.

IMON Licensees are…

Media-based organisations who want to create, manage and profit from developing a network of Tekimon® screens in one or multiple cities in China and abroad. These include

1. Media buyers who want higher engagement, accountability and ROI on their DOOH investment,
2. Real estate companies with high public traffic interested in cooperating with IMON and our network partners to place screens in these areas.
3. Existing DOOH screen owners who want to upgrade their screens to capture all that IMON offers and be part of a new DOOH network.
4. Ad tech companies who demonstrate quality, transparency and accountability in all they do.

Maybe you don’t yet own media in China and seek the perfect opportunity. Perhaps you’re already a player in digital DOOH constrained by a lack of infrastructure and unable to seize emerging opportunities. Only the IMON platform – IMON’s Tekimon® hardware and TargetEngage™ platform can position your business for the intuitive, analytical and engaged future of DOOH advertising. In China and the world’s outdoor digital future there’s just one question. The answer is IMON.