Maximise campaign effectiveness

IMON’s online interface, TargetEngage™, is a revolutionary system delivering improved effectiveness of an advertising investment, letting brands reach their exact audience segment. The platform aggregates data and assigns media to where it needs to go.

Real time

Tap into DOOH advertising in China.

Simple, real-time, actionably reported. Change the game with IMON.

Measurement, Transparency and Accountability.

Buying media on IMON gives your business robust and transparent campaign reporting and analytics on audience engagement that is first to market in China. Delivering overall improved campaign effectiveness with less investment wastage.

Build a stronger campaign

Extend campaigns from online to offline using big data and AI modeling, all in real time. The big data behind IMON feeds into a learning system which tracks and identifies patterns in consumer behaviour instantly to optimise increase campaign effectiveness. It will activate dynamic content triggered by audience engagement to the specified audience segment.

In-depth Audience Profiling

IMON continuously qualifies and tracks audience engagement with media content, to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right audience segment.
IMON effectively utilises Wi-Fi, NFC and QR Codes together to provide a 360° look at the O2O experience each customer enjoys. This allows IMON to deliver an optimally personalised and interactive experience to each consumer and supports digital DOOH industry professionals, to precisely map out future steps to meet their audiences’ needs.